Yoga for the Spine!              Yoga for the Mind!

"The quickest way to still the mind is to move the body."  Gabrielle Roth

    As a Chiropractor, my life's work involves restoring motion to the spinal column and proper function to the nervous system.  I am often asked what a person might do "on their own" to help to maintain spinal motion and prevent future episodes of injury.  My answer is always certain...Yoga.

       When a person practices yoga, the spine is moved through its full range of motion; this motion has a remarkable nourishing effect on the intervertebral discs and fires joint mechanoreceptors (JMR's) at their fullest potential.  Over time the benefit of firing JMR's will inhibit pain and have a profound effect on the frontal lobe of the human brain, yielding an increased ability to focus and concentrate, and an overall feeling of well being.  If you want to understand more about your body's natural ability to acheive these results, come in for a no cost consultation.  If you want to experience this for yourself...practice yoga.

                                                                      John Chance Norman, D.C.