About Dr. Norman


Dr. Chance Norman is a 2006 Graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic.             He has completed a post graduate Certification in Clinical Chiropractic Neurology also awarded by Parker College of Chiropractic. 

After nine years as a Navy flight deck crewman Dr. Norman was living with severe headaches, neck, and back pain. He had become accustomed to treating the symptoms of his condition with ibuprofen and other over the counter medications. He was introduced to chiropractic care in 2000 after leaving the US Navy to pursue his professional studies. Like most patients with chronic pain his recovery was not an over night event. Within three months Dr. Norman was completely independent of any and all pain killers.

Inspired by his own chiropractic experience he began to pursue an education in chiropractic and now enjoys delivering treatments which address the "cause" of discomfort and disease and the job satisfaction of doing it by hand.